My name is Michele Allegretti and I am the founder of the Allegretti Fashion Lab.
I have begun in the distant 1983 as simple salesclerk, this experience has approached me to the world of the Fashion and the Representation: I have begun opening small points sale to Milan and, contemporarily, an office of representation, the Allegretti Rappresentanze.
Departing from a dwarfish office, I have started the representation of new brands and sometimes unknown, bringing shortly them time, to the vertexes of the market of the Fashion.
Some years passed, I have had the possibility to transfer the Allegretti Rappresentanze near the second floor of the Textile Center of Cernusco on the Shipping, sets in which the escalation of our success is initiated.
With the growth of the firm, inside and external collaborators have arrived, thanks to which have continued for years to get great successes and we are revealed a name in Lombardy there and not only.
With determination and passion, in 2012 I have initially created the Lab Distribution, been born to service of the unprovided shops of heads, thin to arrive to today to the Allegretti Fashion Lab.

I am michele and together with my staff we are pleased to invite you in our showroom.

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